• “Your Trusted Partner in Bags & Pouches”

Why Choose Bag-Pack?

Bag-Pack is a custom converter of polyethylene bags pouches and specialty flexible packaging products for a variety of markets. Over 25 years of experience has allowed us to develop significant technical expertise in many bag and pouch manufacturing processes. These capabilities coupled with a highly developed specification and quality system allow us to produce a consistent, quality product that meets customer needs. We’d like to help you. Please give us a call.

Consistent, Quality Product

We have a highly developed quality assurance & product specification system. We have strong attention to detail both before and during production. We know that our quality helps you run better and presents your product best Technical Partners .

Business Integrity

We believe in strong business integrity. We know that to be good partners, there must be mutual trust and respect. We will be open with what we can and cannot do. We stand behind our product and services. This allows us to meet many different needs you might have today or help you evolve and develop your packaging over time.

Wide range of products

We strive for excellent customer service – providing you with what you want when you need it We have an unusually wide range of products from sideweld to zipper to pouches, depending on your application. We can provide a full range of printing from the simplest to the most complex. We can meet your needs today and help you evolve and develop your packaging over time

Technical Partners

Our product range has helped us develop significant technical expertise. Our 27 years of company experience combined with the engineering background of our principals has resulted in a strong technical base. We are focused on converting pre-mades and all their variations. We partner with suppliers or customers to utilize their printing, laminating and extrusion expertise.

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